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Our Yoga Center is based in the philosophy that all things are connected. Where our main focus is on the practice of yoga, we also provide services that are complimentary to your practice of yoga. As a certified life-coach who take a holistic view point of life in general, I understand how all aspects of life experience are joined together.I appreciate the art of balance that leads us to a joy-filled and satisfactory life.  I also take much pleasure in seeing the many people who's lives we've touched by introducing them to yoga and watching their body and mind transform. We have found that a yoga practice builds upon each experience and that we are all beginners in learning the  art of our body and it's capability. Our bodies are pure miracles that thrive on self-care and appreciation. 

Owner & Founder 

Certified Life-Coach


Tayler is a sassy yogi known for her big earrings and focus on breath, presence, and self love in all her classes. She enjoys utilizing a variety of music styles to enhance each class she teaches. Tayler began her yoga practice after a nearly fatal car wreck in 2012 that left her with no range of motion; She couldn’t even touch her toes! Tayler fell in love with yoga when she realized all the healing benefits, both mentally and physically, that every class offered. In 2014, she received her 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher Certificate and she hasn’t looked back! She intends to continue learning as much knowledge as possible in order to be the best instructor for her students. Currently, her certifications include:

• 200-hour RYT certification (Yoga Alliance approved)

• 60-hour Hot Yoga certification (Yoga Alliance approved)

• 30-hour SUP Yoga certification *taught by Rachel Brathen* (Yoga Alliance approved)


In addition to those certifications, Tayler also attended a conference put on by MD Anderson to better understand how to teach cancer patients and has done several trainings with other well known teachers like Gioconda Parker and Trina Altman. As of July 2018, Tayler was officially considered to be an E-RYT and YACEP. As an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT), Tayler has taught over 1,000 classes and is considered an expert in several different fields within the yoga realm. She specializes in teaching a variety of styles of movement within a yoga setting to create optimum wellness with all of her students.


Tayler is proudest of her ability to reach across age, gender, and ability spectrums to make yoga and movement accessible to all kinds of people. She loves connecting with students in studio classes where everyone gets to move and play, but she also loves having the opportunity to teach students one-on-one where she can show people how to be more comfortable in their own bodies. Tayler teaches Yin, everyBODY Flow, Relax & Restore, and Slow Flow at our studio, and she can’t wait to meet you on the mat!

Yoga Instructor


Here I would like to share my story and how I came to be so passionate about holistic wellness that I truly want to shout about it on every corner. I am a mom of two kids, financial sector capital markets analyst in the past and corporate politics drop out, a 200 RYT Yoga Instructor (training for the next level of 500 RYT in Recuperative Yoga), an Essential Oils Coach and a budding Nutritional Therapist in present (I am completing my Graduate degree in Nutritional Science). Things that led me to such a drastic change in my life path included a sickness of a loved one (my mom has been diagnosed with cancer) and also a desire to attend to my child’s special needs, as well as being empowered to look after my family's health during our frequent moves between countries, and even continents. I have been lucky to live in 7 countries and I am bringing this life experience to the table when working with you.

I believe in all encompassing definition of wellness, which includes physiological as well as spiritual factors in order to make us whole. Health and awareness go hand in hand. If our physiology is suffering, it’s hard to continue having a spring in your step on your way of a spiritual journey. That is why I strive to educate on natural holistic approach to your physiological wellness such as using right nutrition, right supplements, and essential oils. And on the other hand, help you on your journey of inner transformation with the power of yoga, breath work, and NLP techniques.

Yoga Instructor & Nutrition Counselor


Jason's yoga journey has quite literally been a gift. It all started with an eight class package that he received as a 40th birthday present. He was hooked after his first class, and before long, he was completely invested in his practice. A short time later, he completed his 200 hour teacher training in order to share the gifts of yoga with others.

Studentship is important to Jason and he continues to dedicate a large part of his time to his yoga education (in which you will experience directly when you take one of his classes).  In addition to taking multiple classes every week, he frequently attends workshops, and makes time to study other forms of movement to bring into his personal practices in addition to the classes he teaches. Jason also loves to play with ALL the toys, integrating props into every practice. Jason is expert on modifications to include all people of all levels into his classes.

Yoga Instructor


“Why would anybody want to manage stress? I always thought we managed the things that are precious to us - our money, our business, our family. It took me time to see that people have assumed that stress is an inevitable part of their lives! They do not see that is is entirely self-created and self-inflicted. Once you take charge of your inner life, there is no such thing as stress."
- Sadhguru  
I began Yoga after working at a desk job for almost 3 years. While at the desk job my life was always about deadlines and doing thing in an A to B fashion. This neglect of self expression lead me to search for something more in life. I began practicing yoga to gain freedom as an individual, but gained so much more. The focus of my classes is to give my students guidance along their personal journeys. I would like to empower my students teaching them the hows and whys we do yoga moves. My classes are meant to give you new tools to utilize in your life to help you take control of your inner life. My classes will have meditations, breathing practices, and open discussions weaved in with the body movements.

Yoga Instructor


Lauren Ryder has been actively practicing yoga for 7 years including Buti, Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, and Bikram. She became a certified Buti Yoga instructor in January 2019. She specializes in teaching Yin Yoga and Buti Yoga. Lauren is originally from Lake Charles, Louisiana and is the oldest of 4 siblings. She graduated in 2018 from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a bachelor’s degree in English. She teaches yoga with the intention to spread peace, love, and self-care.   

Yoga Instructor 


Hi my name is Alexis, I also go by Lexie! I was born in California, and moved to Maui when I was 18 years old. Spending 4 years on Maui at being a young age brought me tremendous self knowledge. I spent my first year valuing my learning in spirituality along with yoga. With a background of dance, and gymnastics, I thought yoga would be fairly easy, however I was mistaken. My true surprise with diving into my growth, was surrendering all things that do not serve my highest being anymore. That’s when I flew to another island known as Kauai to get certified for posture realignment. While reprogramming my alignment, I learned so much about my mind, body, and spirit...and how each one plays an important role for this beautiful reality here on earth. When I flew back home To Maui, I took an amazing opportunity, and was also certified for stand up paddle board yoga. Working with the ocean brought me to profound places I’ve only dreamed of. Everyday I wake up grateful for the beautiful gift of life. I feel as though my purpose here on earth is to spread light, love, and healing. I can promise to divinely guide you, in practice, with the knowledge of the great spirit that is directed through me for self healing. Aloha 

Yoga Instructor 


Holly believes yoga starts on the inside with awareness, patience, and love.  You only begin practicing on your mat, you grow into practicing in your life.  It’s not just a workout or easy stretching, it’s a lifestyle that balances a healthy mind, body, and spirit.  Her classes are energetic and firey, yet still relaxing with impactful meditations.  She tries to get into each student’s heart, meet them where they are, push them out of their comfort zone, and encourages learning and personal growth.  Her classes will take your mind, body, and spirit to your edge and when you are ready, give you space to try new things.  


Holly has been practicing yoga since 1999 and has been teaching yoga since 2008. Over the course of the last 20 years, Holly has intensely studied multiple forms of yoga including hatha, dynamic hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga, power yoga, Parayoga, Pranaflow, Yin, Bhakti Yoga, and Holy Yoga. She has also trained directly with and been mentored by some of the most notable yoga teachers in the United States. 


For her first certification, Holly traditionally trained in Dynamic Hatha Yoga over the course of several years, one on one, through mentorship with her teacher, Angela Culbertson.


In 2013, Holly received a mentor trained equivalent of a 500-hour power yoga certification from Alma and Andy Miller of Blue Moon Yoga. In 2018, Holly received her official 225-HYI, 200-RYT in Holy Yoga, a form of Christian yoga. In January 2020 she begins Master training in Holy Yoga.

Yoga Instructor 


 I am drawn to the simplicity, yet complete and beautiful way nature is and does everything. I believe in the unification of all beings, equally, by means of universal energy and love. As a young girl I was taught to meditate to find peace. This practice lead me into the asanas. I began to love the way my body felt, and how my mind changed during the physical practice. Yoga is a meditative awareness in action and creation. Emphasis on the connection of mind and body with a focus on pranayama. During nursing school is when i began to question where my heart was, and that's when i turned to holistic healing, getting my 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification and Reiki Level 1 Attunement. I am experienced in many different types of yoga with the focus on Pre-Natal yoga; to work with women and families, during moments of profound transition and enlightenment. To assist women in bringing health, confidence, and empowerment.
 My teaching style is made to create a devotional, spiritual ambiance for a radiant flow to meet the needs of an individual through proper alignment and focus.  Yoga has made such a powerful impact in my life and my mission is to spread that light and drive into my students. 

Yoga Instructor

Nicole Moya

Matthew graduated as a licensed massage therapist from Laurel School of massage in 2015. Matthew is dedicated to providing the best possible massage therapy experience to promote relaxation and relief from muscle tension.  His primary focus is client care and comfort. Matthew's specialty is Swedish Relaxation Massage.

Licensed Massage Therapist